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Vaneco is your trusted business partner. We help you grow. Sales. Digital Marketing. Business Processes. Team augmentation.

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Sales & Business Development

Unlock Your Company’s Sales Potential with Vaneco's Help

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Business Processes

Streamline Your Business Processes

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Digital Marketing & UI/UX Design

Digital Positioning and Creation of Digital Identity

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Staff Augmentation

Exploring the Advantages of Staff Augmentation in Software Development

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We’re here to help. We’ll do IT for you!

You need a slight push to move forward?

When it comes to growing your business, there are four main challenges. Regardless if you have a problem with a one or all four elements, we are here for you.

Your strategy isn't working.

Together we will find the right path to your clients.

You don't have a business procesess in place.

Vaneco will help you identify bottlenecks in your organization and help you overcome the obstacles.

You lack staff, or don’t have a designated team.

As our motto says, We do IT for you.

Sales & Business Development

Sales & Business Development

Vaneco is a New York-based business development company dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes. Our team of professionals offer a variety of services to new and established businesses. We make sure your company is ready to start, grow and expand.

Business Processes

Business Processes

No company can survive in the long run without introducing clear business processes that include standard operating procedures, well-defined roles and responsibilities for each team member, measurable performance metrics and objectives, and adherence to best practices. This structure ensures that the organization is utilizing its resources efficiently and can reach its goals.

Digital Marketing & UI/UX Design

Digital Marketing & UI/UX Design

Think of us like a digital fairy godmother: we take a plain website, sprinkle some magic dust on it - our team's expertise - and give it the power to reach your goal! Let our experts work their magic and help you get the most out of your online presence.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Whether you are a early stage startup, or a full grown company, we can help you connect with the right team of a dedicated engineers to provide you with the engineering support.

What Sets Vaneco Apart

Vaneco is not your everyday, garden-variety outsourcing company. As your business development partner, we will hear your input about the challenges you’re facing and assess your business. Once we know what you need, we will connect you with the expert team crucial to your success. Making sure we fully comprehend your needs and the needs of your project helps us deliver the winning solution.

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Ameer Akashe

Ameer Akashe, CTO at Incued

Choosing Vaneco was a decision well made. Their understanding of the tech sector and aptitude for pinpointing the right resources was outstanding. Communication was efficient and clear, and the proposal was swiftly delivered. The quality of the team Vaneco introduced me to was exceptional, positively impacting my project. Overall, Vaneco struck a fine balance between professionalism and personal touch, making the experience smooth. I recommend Vaneco for their reliable tech consulting services.
Zoran Tovarloža

Zoran Tovarloža, CEO at Bee IT

Branislav Valuh has worked with Bee IT from June 2020 until December 2021. Bee IT is a web development company that specializes in eCommerce development. Branislav introduced sales processes in the company and later completed business, administrative and HR processes. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have found Branislav to be a very pleasant individual with strong communication skills. He has extraordinary ability to analyze problems and is an excellent problem solver. He is goal oriented and he has shown great analytic and organizational skills, strategic planning abilities, great understanding of business and sales processes, flexibility and ability to remain calm under pressure. Bee IT fully recommends Branislav for any type of collaboration.
Danijel Milosevic

Danijel Milosevic, Founder and CEO at Meaning

I hired Vaneco for a short-term collaboration on match-making with high-profile clients. Branislav not only delivered ready-to-buy leads but also put a strong effort into truly match-making my business vision and brand with like-minded businesses. As a result, all sides were very satisfied and we closed long-term deals. Will definitely work with him in the future. If sales and match-making are your needs, Branislav is the professional for you.
Aleksandra Vukovic

Aleksandra Vukovic, Founder and CEO at

We asked Branislav for help connecting with oversea IT clients. Following this contact, we had an inspiring meeting that was more of a business strategy session than a sales meeting. Because, the way he approaches sales is profound in many ways. Since he is highly analytical and perceptive, he connected us to the right clients. Clients who shared our values and worldviews. Moreover, all the clients were ready for us. He had prepared them beforehand so well, so we didn't even need to do the selling. Our job was just to show up!
Sonja Tatarin Regaji

Sonja Tatarin Regaji, Hr Specialist at Bee IT LLC

Since the beginning of our collaboration, I have found Branislav to be accurate and goal-oriented, along with possessing an inherent will to help his teammates during difficult situations. Where the research is needed, he leaves no stone unturned when looking for viable solutions to problems. He has shown extraordinary ability to analyze problems, attention to detail, great communication skills and he is authentically willing to support, encourage and assist all colleagues.